Singing with my Crystal and Himalayan singing bowls

Singing with my Crystal and Himalayan singing bowls

Why did I call this website Singing for My Life?

One of my most powerful daily practices has been my mantra chanting. It has his roots in thousands of years of history, not only in the Vedic traditions, but also Buddhist and the Upper Amazon. In fact, many people around the world have realised the benefits of chanting and singing. It seems to be ingrained in our DNA.

For me, the chanting has boosted my energy levels, kept me calm in tough times, and helped centre my soul. I also believe it's healing my body, mind, emotions and spirit. Although I can't quite prove this - yet.

Before having cancer, I've been part of animated and idle talk about how different alternative practices are great for health, and how they are starting to become scientifically proven.

Now I have cancer, this time is different. I have to put my money where my mouth is, and the stakes couldn't be higher.

When I'm chanting, I'm chanting to stay alive. Not because it might give me a minor health benefit, or that it's the latest fad. I'm singing for my life. Each of the other practices I do are a song in their own way, weaving their own notes into the melody of life. Each one is a song for my life.

As long as I keep singing, the fire remains burning. Some days it's a roaring inferno, other days it shrinks back into modest embers. But the fire is still there. The song is still there.

So I keep singing. I don't know how the song changes, or when it will end. But I keep singing, nonetheless...